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Product Design

I love creating new things and realizing ideas even as a concept. I’ve got more than 8 years of experience in product design and I always look for new projects that can challenge me. My main focus is on designing electronic devices. Find out more on my Behance page.

3D Production

From a sketch to the 3D model and visualization. I can create a 3D model of your product or any object that needs to be presented or produced. There should be always a presentation, brochure or poster on top of it. I can create universal product mockups from any reference image. Some graphic assets are available to purchase on Adobe Stock and Shutterstock.

Drawing & Painting

Drawing has always been my passion and has no limits. Besides product design, I focus on drawing the people portraits, animals, movie characters and others. I mostly work with pencils, pastels, and markers. A drawing can be a really beautiful and unique birthday present. Discover more about custom drawings from photos.

Most Recent Projects

Serpent - The Portable Light

Serpent. Desk and portable hand lamp I designed for Juerg Siegrist AG company. It’s an LED light meant for office, home and any other places where it might be useful. It’s an elegant combination of desk and portable lamp.

Serpent - Elegant Table Portable Lamp - product design
Tris, The docking station - Design concept of music tower

Tris - The Docking Station

My concept of music tower with a lot of features and a futuristic look. There is a hidden remote control, docking station for mobile and much more.

3D Modeling and Rendering

I can bring your idea to life or create great visuals of already existing products you want to present. From a paper to the 3D model with animated visualization or technical drawing ready for the production.

Skills & Knowledge

3Ds Max
Fusion 360

My Story

Petr Faltynek - profile photo colored

As a child, I used to paint and play the piano. When I was 15 years old, I realized I’m better at visual arts. So I went to high school, product design department. I was studying art and design history and learned how to project my ideas on paper as well as on-screen. Thanks to my decision to find a job instead of continuing in the classical education, I gained priceless experience and skills in the real business world, which I couldn’t get at school.

I started in a small promotion agency designing websites, printed advertisement and digital presentations. Now, I’ve been working as a graphic and product designer for 8 years. I focus especially on product design meaning electronic devices. Besides, I create a 3D presentation of the already made products. I’m always ready for new challenges and projects that can test my skills.

Currently, I work as a UX designer at Swarovski AG.

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Petr Faltynek – UX Designer and Artist

Zürich, Switzerland

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