Portrait From a Photo

Custom portrait drawing from photo as a birthday gift

Do you need a birthday gift or another present?
Would you like to give someone close to you something unique?

Scroll down and discover the portrait drawing from the photo.

Portrait of a horse mother and baby - pencil drawing from photo on paper

Drawing or painting from any photo

I can draw a portrait from a photo. It can be your family or your loved pet. You can choose from several formats and drawing techniques. If you’re not sure about it, I can recommend the one that fits best for your story. Drawing from photo might be a great birthday, Valentine’s day, or wedding gift. Read further and find out the possibilities of custom drawing!

Technique makes the mood

The technique makes the mood of the image. I use mostly pencils, colored pencils, and soft pastels for my artworks. Depending on the size, paper, and style you want, I choose the right technique that works with the certain size and content.

Technique makes mood - mix of drawing styles
Portrait from photo - pencils, quality drawing tools

It's all about the quality

It’s all about quality. I use only high-quality papers and drawing instruments, so the artworks have richer colors, finer structure and the outcome lasts longer. I take care of the details which need precise work and of course, precise tools. Photo quality also matters. The higher resolution and sharper image, the better is the final result of the drawing.

Size matters

Size does matter. The smaller format it is, the more difficult the work gets. It’s actually much easier to create a one-meter wide image than the image of the letter size. Smaller pictures contain more details and the work is much more accurate. Pencil and colored pencil usually works best for the smaller formats below 50 x 70 cm. Pastel, chalk, and other smudging tools are ideal for large formats. I can make the drawing on any color of the paper.

Kinds of paper - brown, black white canvas

My works

portrait from photo - dog painting, soft pastel
Stylized portrait drawing of a boy - A4, pencils
Portrait of a horse mother and baby - pencil drawing from photo on paper
Drawing of face without eyes - Gib mir deine Augen, white chalk
Eagle Attack - black marker sketch of a bird
Portrait from photo - two kids, pencil on white paper
Portrait from photo - a woman with a hat, colored pencils
Realistic portrait painting of Wolverine, 70 x 50 cm, soft pastels
Portrait - Smoking man in hat, white pencil on black paper
Realistic drawing, Portrait of girl - A4, pencils
Portrait from photo - soft pastel drawing of a horse



189 CHF


289 CHF

40 x 50

499 CHF

50 x 50

620 CHF

50 x 70

870 CHF

60 x 80

1190 CHF

These are the standard formats. If you need another size or have special requests, e.g. a combination of two or more persons, don’t hesitate to ask me. I will make you an offer accordingly.

International shipping or personal delivery in Zürich.

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My Art Journey

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, however, my focus was the music. At the age of 15, I had to decide which school to go to. I went to the high school of visual arts and began to study product design. So I learned how to measure by eyeball and hands. However, industrial or product design is very complex and needs a precise approach. I think this has been reflecting in my artworks. I always create either realistic drawings or simple stylizations with few lines.

Most of the artists who create a realistic portrait from photo use small grids where they project an original image and they keep connecting the dots and filling it piece by piece. I do everything by my eyeball and measure by the pencil length. Therefore, you’ll get photo-realistic artwork with little touch of imperfection, which makes it different from the photo.

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